july, 2020

06julallday19alldayDinosaurs on the Ferris Wheel


Event Details

For the School holidays, the Tourist Wheel Fremantle has two Dinosaurs visiting.


As portrayed in the Jurassic Park movies, Velociraptor was recreated at twice its actual size and closely modelled on Deinonychus. Though this was seen as unscientific at the time, soon after the first film was released, a dinosaur of the same type, Utahraptor, was discovered, even larger than the virtual Velociraptors.  Velociraptor is now thought to have had a fine feather-like covering.

The Pteranodon is Jurassic World’s biggest pterosaur, or flying reptile. With a wider wingspan than any known bird, it’s primarily a fish eater, though Pteranodon is very aggressive.

Along with the Carriage Cafe we are offering a Dino Food deal for little ones please ask at the wheel about the promotion.


july 6 (Monday) - 19 (Sunday)